Lauri bei The Voice Of Finland

Am Freitag war Lauri zu Gast bei The Voice Of Finland. Dort performte er zum ersten mal im Fernsehen seine neue Single She´s A Bomb. Bereits im Vorfeld kündigte er an, dass es kein normaler Auftritt sein wird. Was es damit auf sich hatte, könnt ihr euch hier selber anschauen.


Im Vorfeld gab er ein kleines Interview, welches hier zu sehen ist:

The Voice Of Finland Interview mit Lauri



Bilder: 1, 2

Vielen Dank an „The Rasmus; Someone’s gonna translate you up“ FB für die Übersetzung:

Interviewer: Lauri Ylönen from The Rasmus is here right next to me, known from his solo career too. Moi! How are you?

Lauri: I’m fine, it’s awesome to be here in Logomo. After a long time.

I: Why are you here after all?

L: I’m here to introduce my new single at the evening’s show. And besides that, I though about to go to check out the nightlife of Turku.

I: Interesting, sounds very, very interesting. Isn’t that right, this is your solo song?

L: Yes, it’s from the upcoming album, which will be released next September. And starting with this first single. I’ve got some contradictory feedback about the video, which slipped into Youtube in Sunday by mistake.

I: By mistake?

L: Well, actually it was because of Nelonen. A bit too early, but oh well.

I: Greetings to Nelonen, then.

L: But yes, it’s a funny video, worth to take a look. It can be found as “Lauri official” from Facebook.

I: Yes, it was really interesting. Can you tell to our viewers, what kind of show we’re going to see? I bet it’s something what The Rasmus-fans haven’t got used to see. Necessarily.

L: About the show I don’t want to reveal anything. We’ll see.

I: But it’s something special, isn’t it?

L: Yes, something unusual.

I: Are you going to be on stage yourself?

L: We’ll see, we’ll see.

I: Brilliant. Thank you and good luck, it’s great to have you here.

L: Yes. Thank you!

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