The R Interview aus Litauen 06/13

Donnerstag erschien in Litauen ein Interview mit Lauri zum anstehenden Karkele Festival Gig im August. TR Street Team Lithuania hat sich die Mühe gemacht und das Interview übersetzt. Vielen Dank 🙂


The Rasmus at Karklė: „We hope to wake up in someone’s else tent“

To make a good performance, to get a great tan and to wake up in someone’s tent – not as restrained as usual northerner, The Rasmus waits for their meet with lithuanian fans after two years brake and will try to show the best they have in „Karklė Live Music Beach”. The group leader Lauri Ylonen hopes to meet many smiling faces and many nice ladies.

How intensive your schedule is during these months?
In summer we will have less performances, because we started new recordings. There won’t be many concerts, but all of them will be something really great! Summer time is perfect for the tours, but we shouldn’t forget other important things, such as fishing, stakes on the grill and simply doing nothing.

What songs are you going to play in this festival? Will there be old hits, new songs, or you will decide what to play spontaneously?
We will play the songs, that gives the energy to the crowd. There will be some old and new songs, but we usually decide what to play the last second.

The formula of the best concert by The Rasmus is?
When your mind is free from any thoughts and you are here and now. Its the unique moment that you share with hundreds of other people in the same time. I hope that in this festival it will be the same.

Do you have any other plans in Karklė?
We hope to have a great concert, to get a tan, have fun with local people and to wake up in someone’s tent.

What impression left from your previous visits in Lithuania?
Beautiful women! And men.

Does Lithuanian people temperament is different from other countries?
They smile more. I guess you have better medicine.

Things you have to do in the summer?
Create bonfires, eat berries, run naked in the rain, sleep under the open sky, roller skates, boat rides – these things came first into my head!


Das original Interview gibt es HIER zu lesen.

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